• Business Advisory Board Department

    The main functions are developing business resources for team and maintaining external business relations. Specific responsibilities include: seeking for cooperation, business advisor and sponsor; offering assistance in exploring resources to project teams; building platforms between the team and the advisors to provide consultation and suggestion.

  • Creative Design Department

    The main functions are offering technical support mostly in graphic design. Specific responsibilities include: designing videos and posters for promotion; managing and maintaining official website; providing creative support for other departments; assisting programs with marketing and designing.

  • Finance Department

    The main functions are guaranteeing the normal operation of the project and coordinatingcash flows in the team. Specific responsibilities include: budgeting for functional departments and project teams; making cash flow statement to analyze the financial condition; recording and examining thecapital working condition.

  • Human Resources Department

    The main functions are team building and management. The specific responsibilities include: arranging the recruitment and updating the information; organizing the training program; assessing the whole crew and giving the feedback; organizinggroup activities, strengthening the team cohesion.

  • Public Relationship Department

    The main functions are doing propaganda work and maintaining the image of the team. Specific responsibilities include connecting with media on-campus and off-campus to report team news;taking pictures of team activities; managing third party platforms such as team official weibo, WeChat, RenRen;carrying out crisis management.