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The “Beevelop” Project aims at protecting the Chinese Wild Bee using business pathways and publicizing the nutrient value of Chinese Wild Bee to society. The project team invited Bee experts to deliver courses to the beekeepers and established a relationship with Tianzuo Ltd, a bee company, and the beekeepers. The team worked at encouraging more beekeepers to breed Wild Bees. They also used various ways to raise the awareness of protecting the Wild Bees. As a result, the number of beekeepers who breed Wild Bees increased by 180% and the sales revenue from honey products increased by 430%. Furthermore, More people gained awareness of the importance of protecting Chinese Wild Bees.

Ginsolution is one of the projects which won the second place of 2010 Enactus (former name: SIFE) World Cup. Ginsolution project helped the ginseng farmers in Qinghe town, Jian city, Jilin province to take advantage of local ginseng resource appropriately, establish unified ways of marketingand developed potential markets in the Yangtze River Delta region. Members of the project team have visited the town several times to help local farmers building the ‘Ants River Ginseng Company’ and unify the way of marketing, design unique package and developed a ‘Niche market’. Additionally, they have created Enactus (former name: SIFE) UNNC funds supported by the local (Ningbo) government to offer free loans to local farmers with interest. Finally, the ‘Ants River Ginseng Company’ entered the market with 4 hotels and 37 drugstores in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. They also brokered an agreement with the Guangxi Chinese traditional medicine industry. The ‘Ants River Company’ has made more than 2,000,000 RMB in 2010. The income of Ginseng farmers have been increased by 200%.

The project aims at improving city cleaners’ working environment and social status. The project team trains cleaners for supervising waste classification, hence enrich their living standard as well as raise public awareness of waste classification.

In the initial stage, the project is launched in campus and communities, guiding users’ classification pointedly through credits accumulating, coupon redemption and data mining. Meanwhile, the project team cooperates with businesses for financial support and self-improvement. In the latter stage, the project team expands and strengthens its impact and attracts more businesses involve in the system.

Dugreen project has been operated for 3 years in campus and impacted over 3000 people. By now Dugreen is cooperating with Ningbo government, and UNNC became the first waste classification pilot campus in China. In community, Dugreen impacts 400 families, approximately 1200 residents.

Report shows that mentally challenged people are stressed and struggle for living due to low social recognition and employment difficulties. The project team discovers that baking is suitable for this certain group and can provide better living environment.

With the support from Yinzhou Bank Foundation, Angel Way, cooperating with LOFT9597, coaches mentally challenged people in baking, broadens sales channels, and enlarges helping range. Meanwhile, Angel way also solves employment problems by teaching audience online sales knowledge, and trains them for independent operation.

At present, 6 mentally challenged people have been successfully employed. The online shop is developed, and operated maturely. Angel Way becomes a social enterprise and build commonweal brand. The project has been reported by media and widely supported.

The project team acts on the concept of ‘empower the local community’, teaching vulnerable groups such as laid-off workers, disabled workers and low-income elderly crafting skills on making fabric products and building a brand named Ecologia. The special design and the environmental-friendly concept of using fabric attract customers. At the same time, all the revenue from selling will be returned to producers to improve the quality of their life and increase their income.

The basic operation model of the project is the team takes the responsibility of raw material purchase and product design, and the target group is in charge of production (during the process of production they can gain processing charges). After products have been sold, all of the profits will be given back to the target group. Moreover, the project team invites professors to teach workers basic business knowledge, and trains them together with those proficient and professional crafts works. In the end, the whole project will be transferred to producers after it become mature , which means ‘it is always better to teach a person who are hungry to fish than to give him some fish’. Currently, this project can operate independently.

Now, Ecología has improved the life quality of these producers, and made the idea of low-carbon become more popular.

Hikinfinite project team aims to improve the living standard of villagers around the ancient routes, promote farm products and spread the culture of ancient routes through developing hiking tourism. First, the team will explore surrounding ancient routes. In order to benefit impoverished farming households, the team members will train them to develop some entertainments, such as harvesting and agritourism, to make money. The team is going to popularize the routes by means of combining online platforms (Wechat and website) with the offline promotions (word of mouth) in addition to cooperating with a professional excursion company. Meanwhile, this procedure will introduce village lifestyles to public as well as increasing the popularity of ancient routes. Recently, this project has developed 2 ancient routes, which aroused over 1000 people’s attention. In the future, this project will impact more target audiences and attract more attention.

As one of the biggest activities for the freshmen at the beginning of their university life, Freshers’ Fair aims at helping them to get familiar with lives in Ningbo and building a connection between students and sellers. It offers students an opportunity to consult for invaluable information on Ningbo life face-to-face and helps sellers with promotion as well as the establishment of image. Several typical businesses in different industries and some non-profit organizations are invited to come to the university. It is a great chance for freshmen in UNNC to become accustomed to Ningbo life efficiently and learn the first hand discount information from companies and from new friendship in this fair.

Fungus King works on building a bridge between farmers and agricultural technology by introducing the inter-planting technology of Bamboo Fungus into bamboo forest, which makes the agriculture technology become important in the cycle of agricultural ecology, tries to increase the Economic Value Added of bamboo forest and the income of farmers.

After introducing agricultural technology into the southern bamboo forest region, the project team promotes bamboo fungus’s nutritional value to the society and intends to increases the economic output per unit area of bamboo forest. In the meantime, the project team actively visits government departments, seeking for professional technical guidance and vigorously promoting the farmers' initiative creativity, which makes bamboo fungus planting area rise year by year, and ends up with the increasing maturation of planting technology and the improvement of product quality.

On the other hand, the team effectively resolves the problem of saling through expanding the sales channel from offline to online and promoting the internetization of high quality agricultural products. After a year of effort, the project team has succeeded to support 29 bamboo farmers by increasing their monthly income of 1450 Yuan, which is the 1.9 times of the same time earlier.

“Know It All” is a scene-based information providing project. It is a service for users to fast grasp professional knowledge of certain field which would be helpful for people to choose the commodity you exactly want. “Know It All’ has been tested in forms of QR code both on campus fruit store and imported wine in bar outside. Up to now, approximately 400 people have been beneficial from this service.

“Fit Bra Lab” is aimed at researching and discussing the problem of unhealthy and uncomfortable bras dressed by women through operating WeChat platform. In order to mitigate this problem, “Fit Bra Lab” is taking efforts to find out the prime factors and provide effective solutions with the help of WeChat platform. Simultaneously, the team would like to recommend healthy living habit to women who are suffering from the problem of unsuitable bra and improve their attitude to life. Up to now, the WeChat platform of “Fit Bra Lab” has been fulfilled. Meanwhile, the articles focusing on solving unsuitable bra has attracted more and more women and the amount of attention is increasing.

Lighten is an energetic project which was founded in 2015. The project is mainly to help a local private school whose education is very backward. But the students studying there have very pure soul and are eager to learn new knowledge. Therefore, we are now developing a Nepal teaching route and recruit volunteers from domestic colleges and universities to assist local teachers. In addition, we will also design a teaching program to regulate volunteers’ teaching course and guarantee the continuity of teaching. We hope to make the program really bring a positive influence on the children.

Although protected by the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project, Illuminated Painting still faces great risk of extinction due to narrow market and lack of skilled inheritors. In order to improve the current situation, our team makes utmost efforts to promote this traditional craft to the public, and help them to expand sales channels, in turn, to attract more young people to acquire the skill.